Black Train album review from Terror Music Scene Unite: 

As time goes on, I find myself discovering and loving more and more folk style bands such as The Devil Makes Three, Jayke Orvis, and so on. That being said, Crossroads Exchange is being added to that list. With the release of their debut album Black Train earlier in May, I found myself listening to this record multiple times through as I worked around the house. This band is pure talent, from the vocals to the arrange of instruments in different songs, some you may not be use to hearing if you’re unfamiliar with the folk genre, such as accordions, banjos, sax, etc. Each work so well with their songs that they don’t overpower all the other instruments as it tends to happen a lot with other music acts out there. 

Seattle’s own Crossroad Exchange really nail it when it comes to a debut album done right. Crisp recording, beautifully written songs that are very catchy, and you can’t help but feel good while listening to it and tap your foot to the beat. The one song I found myself listening to the most would have to be number nine off the track listing, “Back to the Wall.” There was just something about that song that really captured me and I found myself singing along to the words just after listening to it the first time. My second favorite would be the opening track, “Wicked Ol Moon.” This song really reminded me of The Devil Makes Three and I loved it. It had such an upbeat tempo and an amazing sax solo, you’ll want to grab your best girl and dance along to this tune. Every song off this release is enjoyable to listen to though, so don’t think those are the only two songs to check out. I really wish there were more bands of this style, I think anyone from any music genre could find a song off this album they enjoy. With this being their debut album, I really hope to hear more come from Crossroads Exchange and hope more people are able to discover them online or through friends. So if you’re looking to something that may be a little different than your usual taste in music, I highly suggest checking out this album.

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