WILDERFEST and more...

Hey there internets!

We have been laying low over the last few months, other than a few gigs here and there, but we are still at it, I assure you, Evidence, you say? Why, we will be dragging this band of mischief makers all the way up to Stanwood next weekend for our only festival appearance of 2017 at the always awesome WILDERFEST! A full lineup has yet to be released, but a little bird told us that Woodshed will be on the bill with us! Actually, it was announced on the WILDERFEST facebook recently. All the same, that's where we will be, and we hope to see you there! We also have a show at the Kraken with The Plurals in mid August! Come out to both and let your hair down. We promise not to tell.

That's it for now. The new album (I know it's been a long wait for this one) is still forming. The concept is taking shape, the songs have been mostly written and are being rearranged to fit the new sound (did I mention we've gone electric?!). We hope to start recording again very soon. More updates on that as things progress.

Also, be sure to check out our other affiliated bands, Coyote Bred (www.coyotebred.com), SUCCESS (www.successseattle.com), and Abram and the Bounders (they don't currently have a website).

Till next time,


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